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Top Children’s Health News: Good news in Maryland; High nicotine vaping
Thursday October 26th 2017, 4:39 pm

  1. Child lead poisoning cases in Maryland drop to lowest levels on record

    (Source: The Baltimore Sun)

  2. Why does autism impact boys more often than girls?

    (Source: Scientific American)

  3. These baby foods and formulas tested positive for arsenic, lead and BPA in new study

    (Source: USA Today)

  1. Some Puerto Rico schools reopen, making do without power

    (Source: NY Times)

  2. Using high-nicotine e-cigarettes may boost vaping and smoking in teens

    (Source: Science News)

  3. 3 San Francisco public schools show high levels of lead in water

    (Source: SFGate)

  1. Toxic lead found in raw food items in Kolkata

    (Source: The Times of India)

  2. Folic Acid and ASDs: A preventive measure against potential effects of pesticide exposures?

    (Source: EHP)

  3. Here’s why vaccines are so crucial.

    (Source: National Geographic)

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