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Top Energy and Health News: Frack report; Myanmar destruction
Friday October 27th 2017, 5:17 pm

  1. Fracking chemicals and kids’ brains don’t mix: Study

  2. How Bengal’s Mejia Power Plant is wrecking the lives of the people it’s supposed to benefit

    (Source: The Wire)

  3. Coal more toxic than shale gas, study finds

    (Source: R&D Mag)

  4. Burning down the house: Myanmar’s destructive charcoal trade

    (Source: Mongabay)

  1. China’s new antipollution push could cool its growth engine

    (Source: NY Times)

  2. Can solar save a huge coal plant? Zinke’s thinking about it

    (Source: E&E News)

  3. Coal Burying Goa: All along the road route, the black dust settles

    (Source: The Indian Express)

  4. Sea levels to rise 1.3m unless coal power ends by 2050

    (Source: The Guardian)

  1. Trump to auction off a vast swath of the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies

    (Source: Washington Post)

  2. U.S. marine sanctuary oil drilling report sent to Trump, not public

    (Source: Reuters)

  3. Oil pipeline opponent uses ‘necessity defense.’ What is it?

    (Source: AP)

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